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The list of Top 100 in Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry was announced, and Yibai Pharmaceutical became the only one in Guizhou to be included in the list

2013-12-02 07:12


  On July 6th, Medicine Economic News announced the final results of the appraisal of "The 6th Top 100 in Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry", which was co-sponsored by the News and Southern Medicine Economic Research Institute. Yibai Pharmaceutical, a famous pharmaceutical enterprise in Guizhou, made the list.

  It was said that annual sales revenue was used as statistical indicator for this appraisal, and that the enterprises to be appraised were the pharmaceutical companies which registered within China and whose main business was in pharmacy. The appraisal of Top 100 in pharmaceutical industry this year also added appraisal criteria of comprehensive strength, including brand competitiveness, marketing network capacity, corporate culture and corporate tax level. In this latest list, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Holding Co., CSPC Pharma and Shanghai Pharma continued to rank the top three winners. Guizhou Yibai pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which took the 75th place in the list, became the only pharmaceutical company in Guizhou to be included. It was also the only pharmaceutical firm in Guizhou to be included for six consecutive years since "The 1st Top 100 in Chinese pharmaceutical industry".

  The list represented the hard work of many experts who participated in the work. Southern Medicine Economic Research Institute paid long-term attention to the development of Chinese medicine industry; and the research center was engaged in the research on competitiveness of China's industries and enterprises for a long time. In order to promote the healthy development of pharmaceutical industry and ultimately benefit consumers, they both hoped to utilize competitiveness monitoring of China's pharmaceutical enterprises to help them understand and improve their competitive conditions.

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