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Guizhou Yibai donated RMB 2.8 million for drought relief

2013-12-02 07:12


  At 11am March 23rd, the donation ceremony of Guiyang, "Relieve Drought and Sow Love like Spring Rain", began at Jinyang Square. During the ceremony, Yibai Pharmaceutical donated RMB 2.8 million to the people in disaster areas in Guizhou. The Vice President of Yibai Lang Hongping attended the ceremony, and received honor certificate from Yuan Zhou, the Vice Secretary of Guiyang Municipal Committee and the Mayor of Guiyang.

  Since the autumn of last year, an unprecedented and extremely serious drought has hit Southwest China, and seriously affected the production and life of people there. Up to now, it has brought about serious impact on 10.368 million of people, 4.26 million heads of livestock and 12.445 million mu of crops of Guizhou Province. In Guiyang, the affected population amounted to 893,180; 511,977 of people and 176,666 heads of livestock had difficulty in obtaining drinking water; 47556.7 hectares of crops were affected, among which 2,468 hectares had no harvest. The drought caused direct economic losses of RMB 118.522 million. When disaster happened, help would come from all sides. People gave their sympathy and support for the ruthless drought.

  In order to help the affected people overcome the serious drought and solve the issue of finding drinking water for the people and livestock of affected areas, Yibai actively responded to the appeal of municipal government, and participated in the event of drought relief, called "Relieve Drought and Sow Love like Spring Rain". The Deputy General Manager of Yibai Lang Hongping attended the donation event, and, on behalf of Yibai, donated RMB 2.8 million to the people of affected areas of Guizhou and received honor certificate from the Vice Secretary of Guiyang Municipal Committee and the Mayor of Guiyang Yuan Zhou.

  In the interview with a reporter, Mr. Lang said that, as the first listed private company in Guizhou, Yibai carried the mission of "becoming a provider of excellent pharmaceutical products and a leader of outstanding health care" and the value of "one hundred percent of health, one hundred percent of quality, one hundred percent of gratitude, and one hundred percent of innovation", and moved solid steps towards the vision of "becoming a company which is respected by China's pharmaceutical industry with continuous operation potential". Yibai, bearing in mind where its success came from, spares no effort in public welfare. Facing the heaviest drought in 60 years, enterprises should work together with people and communities; and Yibai had responsibility to help them to overcome this disaster.

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