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【Indications】:  Clears heat, diffuses lung, resolves phlegm and suppresses cough. It is applicable to those who cough yellow phlegm, cough with difficulty in expectoration, or have sore throat, chest distress, chest distention or chest pain caused by wind-heat invading l
【Packaging】:  packaging material: PET bottle; packaging Specification: 100ml/bottle
【Shelf life】:  24 months
【Indications】:  Benefits vital energy, invigorates spleen, and promotes digestion to resolve retention. It is applicable for the adjuvant treatment of poor appetite, dispiritedness, emaciation, dry stool and some other symptoms caused by spleen deficiency with hysteresis
【Specifications】:  10ml/bottle
【Packaging】:  10 per box.
【Shelf life】:  24 months.
【Indications】:  Miao medicine:Heshanzhangshe,Tibendangxiang,Baijianxiu,Pianjianmeng. TCM: Moves qi and relieves pain. It is used to treat epigastric pain, belching, swallowing acid, full distention, chest distress, thoracalgia, palpitation and panting due to qi stagnatio
【Shelf life】: 
【Indications】:  Warms Yang, rectifies qi and promotes blood circulation. It is applicable for the treatment of Grade I or II asthenic heart yang and stagnation of heart blood due to coronary heart disease of stable exertional angina, with the symptoms including chest dis
【Specifications】:  25mg/pill
【Packaging】:  Medicinal plastic bottle, (1) 90 pills/bottle, (2) 150 pills/bottle.
【Shelf life】:  18 months
【Indications】:  Miao medicine:Tai'ao, Taimeng, Jiangjianfeng。 TCM: Dispels wind and dampness, relieves swelling and pain. It is applicable for the treatment of joint swelling and limited movement due to wind, dampness and blockage.
【Specifications】:  0.25g/capsule
【Packaging】:  Aluminum-plastic package; (1) 12 capsules/box, (2) 24 capsules/box.
【Shelf life】:  24 months.
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