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2013-11-21 13:11

  Guizhou Yibai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating the research, development, production and sale of new drugs. Founded on June 12, 1995, it became a joint-stock company in November 2000, and is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in March 2004 with stock code of 600594, as the first non-state-owned company of Guizhou Province that obtained listing qualification.


  The Company covers an area of 134,398 square meters, among which 43,200 square meters are production workshops that meet the national Good Manufacture Practice of Drugs (abbreviated as GMP). Up to now, it has had three production bases in Guizhou and four bases in other provinces. It has established nine injection production lines, as well as 49 specifications of different products like small infusion; freeze-dry powder injection and large volume infusion. Moreover, it is equipped with internationally advanced production equipment.


  Until December 2012, it had obtained nearly RMB 3 billion of industrial output and nearly RMB 2.8 billion of sales revenue (combined data of the Group). It paid RMB 386 million of Guizhou local tax in 2012, and had paid a total tax of RMB 2.3 billion since its foundation. Until the end of June 2013, the Company had acquired RMB 1.16 billion of industrial output, and had paid 1.82 billion of tax. Its sales revenue increased by around 15% comparing to the same period of last year.


  The Company constantly has been improving its management during its development. It has set up standard Articles of Association and procedure rules for "three meetings". It implements independent director system; sets up Strategy Development Committee, Audit Committee, Nomination Committee as well as Payment and Assessment Committee; formulates strict and standard financial system and information disclosure system; and forms management mechanism with clear responsibility and balanced power. All these efforts ensure the continuous and healthy development of the Company.


  The Company has more than 4,000 employees, 81% of which graduated from junior colleges or above. With the philosophy of "cultivating talents by 100 years", the Company always emphasizes staff training and provides different forms of training. As a result, it has effectively improved their enthusiasm for work and fully promoted their overall quality. The Company sends high-level managers to Chinese key universities or colleges for management learning, such as Tsinghua University, China Europe international business school, CNEDP-Stanford Project, School of Management of Yangtze University, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In order to improve their comprehensive quality, it also holds general manager training courses inside the Company, which are lectured by well-known experts and are attended by its managers and outstanding employees. In order to improve its technological strengths and cultivate the innovation of its staff, the Company also sends its technicians to relevant schools of pharmaceutical sciences for professional training. In order to constantly elevate their cultural qualities, self-cultivation and technical skills, the Company continuously provides training system to them and requires the staff to completely finish 300-hour-or-above related training every year. These efforts bring to the Company excellent management teams, technical teams and other reserve talents, which lays a solid foundation for its sustainable development.


  It has many competitive products, including KEKE series, Aidi injection, Ginkgo-Dipyidamolum injection, Lobaplatin for injection, Compound Cantharidin capsule, Liqi Huoxue pills, and Qianlie Longbitong granule, of which, the TCM compound Aidi injection and Compound Cantharidin capsule are new biphasic anti-tumor drugs; the former even reaches gene level in its research. Ginkgo-Dipyidamolum injection is the fourth generation of ginkgo leaf extracts preparations, and can effectively treat heart diseases, brain vessel disorders or peripheral circulatory disturbance, bringing benefits to vast patients with cardiovascular disease. Lobaplatin for injection, as the first class of national new drug and the third generation of platinum anti-tumor drug, produces less toxicity and less drug resistance comparing with other platinum drugs. Liqi Huoxue pills as a Miao drug developed solely by Yibai, has great market potential as the first-line drug for cardiovascular diseases.


  The Company has made great effort to the research and development of its products and gained wide recognition from different levels of government. It was listed in the 13th group of "State-Accredited Enterprise Technology Centers" in 2006; and approved as a postdoctoral workstation in 2006; approved as "Drug Engineering Technology Research Center for New Drug Delivery System of Guizhou" in 2007; ranked as a state-level pilot enterprise for innovation in 2008. The Company established the new drug research and development pilot test base in 2008. Which was ranked as a State and Local Area Jointed Laboratory of Engineering in 2009, and was respectively awarded as "Engineering Research Center for New Preparations of Southwest Ethnic Medicine" in 2009 and "Production and Mobilization Center for Drugs in Southwest (Guizhou)" in 2012 by National Development and Reform Commission, and was awarded as a "State-level Innovative Enterprise" in 2012 by Ministry of Science and Technology.


  Its comprehensive strengths, rather than anything else, has enabled the Company to become one of top 100 China’s pharmaceutical companies for consecutive seven years, and become one of top 20 China’s most competitive listed pharmaceutical companies in 2012.


  The Company has always attached great importance to intellectual property protection. In 2004, it set up a special department for intellectual property. In order to enhance its core technology development and independent innovation ability, the Company has taken measures for intellectual property protection by applying for patents and creating famous trademarks. Until the end of 2012, The Company's patent applications and trademark applications ranked are the first in the industry of the province and led the industry in China. It has applied for 199 invention patents and 82 appearance patents, with 115 pieces and 76 ones authorized respectively. The Company has finished 94 pre-clinical researches and registration applications, carried out seven clinical researches and obtained a total of 27 pieces of production approval.


  At present, the Company takes the lead to establish Miao Pharmacy Group, and plans to cooperate with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine to recruit the first batch of graduate students for the major of Miao medicine. This can not only strengthen the enterprise itself, but also create conditions for Miao medicine development and make contribution to the medicine industry of Guizhou as well.


  With well-trained sales teams and sound marketing networks in major cities of China, the Company provides whole-process quality tracking services from products to patients.


  In order to optimize the structure of pharmaceutical industry and improve its product concentration, and keeping the development philosophy of "speed up mergers and acquisitions, innovate independently" in mind, the Company had successively bought Guilin Lijiang Pharmaceutical, Yunnan Nanzhao Pharmaceutical, Guizhou National Pharmacy, Hainan Chang'an Pharmaceutical and other production-oriented pharmaceutical enterprises over the past years. These companies produced products with excellent sales and broad market prospect. In 2012, Yibai accelerated its mergers and acquisitions and bought 80% shares of Beijing Aide Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which enabled Yibai to absorb the development, production and sale of genetic engineering drugs into its industry chain of medicine and health products.


  The provincial government has put forward the project of "Top 10 Industrial Revitalization Plan of Guizhou"; and Guiyang has risen the "5+1" industrial system and the project to cultivate "Hundreds of Billion Worth of Industries and Tens of Billion Worth of Enterprises". With the support of these projects, the Company, as the leading enterprise in Guizhou pharmaceutical industries, has invested RMB 2 billion to construct Yibai Industrial Park, which could promote the social and economical development of Guiyang. The Park, which was started early in 2012, is located at the juncture of Jinyang New District and Yunyan District of Guiyang. It covers an area of more than 600 mu, with a building area of 423,648 square meters, and attracts a total investment of RMB 1,940.3649 million. It takes injection workshop as the main part of its first phase of project, which has completed the debugging of related equipment and the construction of more than 30,000 square meters of main structure at the moment. The extraction workshop has finished its civil engineering and installation, and moved into pipeline installation of technology equipment; the preparation workshop has completed its civil engineering and stepped into the debugging of technology equipment; and equipment has been put into trial operation and test now. The Company will submit materials to the State Food and Drug Administration for the application of new GMP certification before June 30th, 2013. Once validated, it will be guaranteed for the Company to realize transformation and upgrading of the enterprise and standardization of pharmaceutical market synchronously.


  Yibai always devotes itself to public service. Shortly after the freezing disaster early in 2008, it expressed its sympathy to the people of the afflicted area and donated RMB 600,000 to help them. During the earthquake in Wenchuan of Sichuan in May 2008, it immediately donated RMB 1.24 million of cash and RMB 1 million worth of drugs to the victims of the area. It also donated RMB 2.8 million of cash during the drought disaster early in 2010 in Guizhou, and donated money to help students for their education in many state-level poverty counties. Dou Qiling, the Chairman and President of the Company, helped to establish hope primary schools in Hezhang County, a state-level poverty county. Until 2012, the Company has donated a total amount of RMB 10 million of money or goods to communities.


  Taking "becoming a provider of excellent pharmaceutical products and a leader of outstanding health care" as its mission, and adhering to the value of "one hundred percent of health, one hundred percent of quality, one hundred percent of gratitude and one hundred percent of innovation", the Company provides customers with high quality and efficiency and environment-friendly products, supplies investors with the greatest wealth, and brings the most value to the society. It continuously steps towards the vision of "becoming a company that is respected by China's pharmaceutical industry with continuous operation potential".

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