Product description
【Approval number】:     CFDA Approval Number Z20025102
【Indications】:     Miao medicine:Tai'ao, Taimeng, Jiangjianfeng。 TCM: Dispels wind and dampness, relieves swelling and pain. It is applicable for the treatment of joint swelling and limited movement due to wind, dampness and blockage.
【Usage and Dosage】:     Oral administration, 2 capsules each time, 3 times a day.
【ContraIndications】:     ContraIndications: Children and pregnant women are not allowed to use it.
【Note】:     1. Avoid cold, spicy or greasy food. 2. This drug is preferable to be taken after meals. 3. It is better not take other fire-purging or nourishing Chinese medicine while taking this drug. 4. It is not applicable to patients with pyretic arthralgia due t
【Specifications】:     0.25g/capsule
【Storage】:     keep it sealed.
【Packaging】:     Aluminum-plastic package; (1) 12 capsules/box, (2) 24 capsules/box.
【Shelf life】:     24 months.
【Ingredients】:     Gaultheria yunnanensis, Caulis Schefflerae Kwangsiensis, Sargentgloryvine stem, Alangium chinense, Psammosilene tunicoides; with starch as adjuvant material.
【Character】:     This drug is capsule containing yellowish-brown to reddish-brown powder with light smell and slightly bitter taste.
【Effect Category】:     Prescription Drug
【Manufacturer】:     Guizhou National Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
【Drug Classification】:     OTC
【Industry Classification】:     Modern TCM

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