Product description
【Approval number】:     CFDA Approval Number Z20120037
【Indications】:     Warms Yang, rectifies qi and promotes blood circulation. It is applicable for the treatment of Grade I or II asthenic heart yang and stagnation of heart blood due to coronary heart disease of stable exertional angina, with the symptoms including chest dis
【Usage and Dosage】:     Oral administration, 10 pills each time, 3 times every day, with 4 weeks as a course of treatment.
【ContraIndications】:     Not Clear.
【Note】:     1. The safety data from clinical trial of this drug only proves 4-week period of treatment. 2. No data of clinical trial is available about its treatment for women in pregnancy or lactation. 3. Those who have allergic constitutions or are allergic to mu
【Specifications】:     25mg/pill
【Storage】:     Keep it sealed.
【Packaging】:     Medicinal plastic bottle, (1) 90 pills/bottle, (2) 150 pills/bottle.
【Shelf life】:     18 months
【Ingredients】:     Cinnamomum migao H. Li. W, Blumea balsamifera (Linn.) DC, Rhizoma ligustici chuanxiong, and Allium macrostemon bunge.
【Character】:     This drug is yellowish-brown pill with specific aroma and slightly bitter taste.
【Effect Category】:    
【Manufacturer】:     Guizhou National Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
【Drug Classification】:     Prescription Drug
【Industry Classification】:     Modern TCM

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