Product description
【Approval number】:     CFDA Approval Number Z20025661
【Indications】:     Miao medicine:Heshanzhangshe,Tibendangxiang,Baijianxiu,Pianjianmeng. TCM: Moves qi and relieves pain. It is used to treat epigastric pain, belching, swallowing acid, full distention, chest distress, thoracalgia, palpitation and panting due to qi stagnatio
【Usage and Dosage】:    
【ContraIndications】:     Not Clear.
【Note】:     1. Diet should be light. Do not smoke or drink, and avoid spicy, cold or greasy food. 2. Keep emotion steady, do not sulk. 3. Those with deficient and cold spleen and stomach, and those who get diarrhea easily, should take it with caution. 4. Patients
【Shelf life】:    
【Ingredients】:     Cinnamomum migao H. Li. W and borneol (natural borneol), with aluminum hydroxide as its adjuvant material.
【Effect Category】:    
【Manufacturer】:     Guizhou National Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
【Drug Classification】:     Prescription Drug
【Industry Classification】:     Modern TCM

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