Product description
【Approval number】:     CFDA Approval Number B20020062
【Indications】:     Benefits vital energy, invigorates spleen, and promotes digestion to resolve retention. It is applicable for the adjuvant treatment of poor appetite, dispiritedness, emaciation, dry stool and some other symptoms caused by spleen deficiency with hysteresis
【Usage and Dosage】:     Oral administration; children of 1-7 years old takes 10ml each time, twice per day; children of 8-14 years old takes 10ml each time, 3 times per day. Take it for continuous 2 weeks.
【ContraIndications】:     Not Clear.
【Note】:     Patient with cold or fever should take it with caution.
【Specifications】:     10ml/bottle
【Storage】:     keep it sealed.
【Packaging】:     10 per box.
【Shelf life】:     24 months.
【Ingredients】:     Ginseng, Radix astragali, Rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae, Tuckahoe, Fructus setariae germinatus, Chicken\\\'s gizzard-membrane (fried), Semen Raphani, Herba lycopodll, bitter almond, dark plum, rhubarb root and rhizome, Folium Ilex, Semen Trichosanthi
【Character】:     This drug is liquid with color from brown to reddish-brown. It has fragrant smell as well as sweet but slightly bitter taste.
【Effect Category】:    
【Manufacturer】:     Guilin Yibai Lijiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
【Drug Classification】:     OTC
【Industry Classification】:     Modern TCM

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