Product description
【Approval number】:     CFDA Approval Number Z45021604
【Indications】:     Clears heat, diffuses lung, resolves phlegm and suppresses cough. It is applicable to those who cough yellow phlegm, cough with difficulty in expectoration, or have sore throat, chest distress, chest distention or chest pain caused by wind-heat invading l
【Usage and Dosage】:     Oral administration, 10ml each time, 3 times per day.
【ContraIndications】:     Not Clear.
【Note】:     1. Do not smoke or drink, and avoid spicy, cold or greasy food. 2. It is better not take nourishing Chinese medicine while taking this drug. 3. It is not applicable to patients with anemofrigid cold. 4. Patients with bronchiectasis, lung abscess, pulmo
【Storage】:     keep it sealed and put it in cool places with the temperature not more than 20°C.
【Packaging】:     packaging material: PET bottle; packaging Specification: 100ml/bottle
【Shelf life】:     24 months
【Ingredients】:     Fluid extract of Bulbus Fritillariae Cirrhosae, Platycodon Grandiflorum, loquat leaf and menthol. Its adjuvant materials include cane sugar, benzoic acid, almond essence, ethylparaben, and ethanol.
【Character】:     This drug is reddish-brown and thick liquid with fragrant smell and sweet, slightly bitter and cool taste.
【Effect Category】:    
【Manufacturer】:     Guilin Yibai Lijiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
【Drug Classification】:     OTC
【Industry Classification】:     Modern TCM

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